Welcome to Claire Diaries!

It is with great pleasure to have you read my works revealing my deepest thoughts and painful experiences which made me the kind of person that I am today. I hope that my writings could reach the profound parts of your hearts and inspire you to be better. Happy reading!

Love Journals

A collection of realizations, second thoughts, lessons learned, lists of  everything related to being a single woman,  being in a relationship, getting over heartbreaks and everything about love. A compilation of unsaid words and unsent letters to friends, family, almost lovers and former lovers.

About Me

Hello! I am Claire from Philippines.

When I was young, I was not aware of my passion for writing. I used to write editorials, features but in a school setting. I would write for the sake of getting grades but everything felt forced at that moment.

It was when my 5-year relationship with my first boyfriend finally ended, I diverted my heartaches to writing. My bleeding heart became the ink of my letters. My painful experiences lit the fire which started my burning passion to become a writer.

I do not regret everything that happened to me. All the difficult lessons, countless tears, sleepless nights and unrequited love made me stronger and better. I leave people with love and kindness that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

I created this blog to spread kindness, compassion, love, positivity to you. For those people I’ve hurt, I apologize for my shortcomings and mistakes. I hope that someday you will find forgiveness and give me the chance to grow, be better and live a worthwhile life. For those people who’ve hurt me, I forgive you. We are not perfect beings and we make mistakes. We must not let these mistakes define us and live in guilt or sadness. There is always a new day to be better than we were yesterday. We cannot undo our pasts but we can do something about our futures. It all depends on how we will view things: either as lessons or life sentences.

P. S. The photos here are not mine. I give credits to their owners by embedding the link on the photos.