The Irony of Love

It is ironic how when we love someone so much we give our all and what we get in return is a broken heart. When we try to open our hearts to love again, we get more broken than ever. We gave our hearts to people who never loved us. We gave our best to the people who did not see our worth. We shared our deepest thoughts and wildest dreams to people who never intended to stay in our lives. We mapped our future with people who left us behind to pursue their dreams with someone else. We stayed faithful to people who chose someone else. We equated love with tears, sacrifices, pain, letting go and moving on. We are left with are lessons, painful memories and remaining pieces of our broken hearts.

When we put our hearts on our sleeves, we get played on. When we show someone how much we love him or her, we get taken for granted. When we remain faithful to someone, we get cheated on. Why can’t love be just simple? Why can’t we just teach our hearts when not to fall for someone so we don’t get hurt? Why can’t people be sincere, caring, loving, faithful and honest? Why do we have to love someone so much only to be hurt in return? Why love has to be equated to sleepless nights, tears, painful lessons and broken hearts? Why can’t we just get things right and let the first person we truly loved be the right one? Why some lessons have to be learned the hard way when all we did was to be the good people that we are?

Why can’t people’s hearts be like that of a child? Pure, sincere, loving, grateful, joyful and not deceiving. We bet with our hearts and we always lose in love games. We always try our luck in finding that person who could appreciate our worth and love us in return but we always end up losing. When are we going to find someone who matches our sincerity, loyalty, love and efforts? It is never fun to nurse a broken heart. It is not funny to fall for someone who loves someone else. It is never enjoying to cry ourselves to sleep every night. It is depressing that we question our worth and if there are people out there who are capable of loving us. It is sad that people are no longer believing in happy endings due to series of heartbreaks that they have experienced.

Once we get our hearts broken, we question the intentions of people who try to be part of our lives. We compare every person to the ones we truly loved and lost. We are afraid to take a leap of faith and give love another try. We avoid to have any kind of romantic connections with other people to guard our hearts. We don’t know how to trust someone again, how to love again and how to start all over again.

Why is it that good people are not given the chances in love even if they deserve it? Why is it that love is not like the sports wherein perseverance, efforts and sacrifices does not guarantee success? Why do we have to lose something good with the hope of finding something better? Why do we end relationships as if the years the couple spent together never mattered? Why do we choose someone we love so much instead of someone who loves us so much? Why do we need to love ourselves first before we can truly love someone?

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