To the Guy I Loved After My First Breakup

I met you online and I was not looking for anything serious. I just had my heart broken and my dreams shattered. I was looking for fun and making new friends. After the breakup, I was trying not to catch any feelings for someone new. I was running away from love and I was avoiding to have a romantic connection with any guy.

Until I met you. It all started when you messaged me one night when I was about to sleep. I never knew then that you would play a vital role in my life. I was convinced that time that no other man could replace my ex boyfriend. I have convinced myself that I will never love someone the same way again.

But you are funny, very smart, interesting, sweet and confident. You became my kryptonite and destroyed all my walls that I have built so high. You made me feel something beautiful that made me want to take another shot at love. You gave my heart a hope, that I can love more than one guy in this lifetime. You made me crave for you, care for you, wait for you and be vulnerable to you.

I started to sleep late at night just to talk to you. I had a big smile plastered on my face whenever I’m talking to you. Even my friends saw how happy I was with you. You really made me happy. I started to be vulnerable again and be kind to you. I never stopped thinking about you. I started to become possessive with you which only happens to the people I care about the most. I became obsessed to look good for you by working out everyday in the gym. I started listening to the music that you were listening to. You listened to my midnight thoughts and sad stories. You became my rock when I was weak. You let yourself be my rebound guy but I never treated you as one. You were patient with me when I was hurting and you received my sarcastic remarks without any complaints.

Who would not fall for a guy like you?

When you told me about your ex girlfriend who chose her career over a life with you, I was wishing that I was her. She was so lucky to have someone like you to propose to her. I was starting to fall for you and I was trying my best to hide my feelings for you. I gave you the freedom to talk to other women and pretended that it never bothered me. Even there were times when I was just playing it cool but I was crying myself to sleep again. I told you before that I like you, but you were not sensitive enough to care about my feelings. I never told you that I was falling for you. I did not want you to feel sorry for me. I did not want to fall again for someone who wants someone else. I really hope that you gave me a chance, even if I’m average looking to you. I wish that you did not make me feel that I was not pretty or good enough for you, that you have other women lined up and I was just an option.

If you happen to read this, I want to let you know that I was happy that I got to know you. You really made me happy and felt wanted. I hope that you will meet someone you are attracted to physically and can love you more than I have loved you. You deserve all the love and happiness in this world. I hope that she could really make you happy and see how special you are. I hope that you will realize that true love is not anchored on physical attributes. I hope that you will someday understand that physical beauty is not everything.

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